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A residential concrete patio in Winter Park, Florida

Save yourself trouble and headaches. Hire a residential concrete contractor to do these three jobs. Avoid pouring thousands of dollars down the drain and get a pro to handle these three jobs:

Garage Slabs – The slab is the foundation upon which you will build your garage. Fail here and you will have problems with your slab and the entire building above it. When the sub base and base are not properly prepared, it leads to foundation failure. These layers are usually made of stone and gravel to facilitate water drainage. When this base is neither properly compacted nor level, the concrete slab bends.

Our crew uses a jumping jack tamper to compact the native soil, also called subgrade. Here we also create a grade away from the slab, for drainage purposes. Then, we place a sub base composed of 3/4-inch gravel. Finally, we add a base of material on top of the sub base, which will be in direct contact with the slab. Garage and shed slabs usually require only one gravel size for a base, but that depends on local climate and soil conditions.

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Patios – Patio slabs make for a cost-effective option. We do them right and they withstand the test of time. Our past customers all over the county can vouch for the quality of our work. Our concrete patio slabs are 4 inches thick – minimum! Our technicians can discuss concrete chemistry and technology with you and find the best mix for your needs. In the past decade, manufacturers have launched interesting solutions for concrete additives and mixes.

Even if you want a flagstone or limestone patio, you still need a good concrete slab. Shady contractors will say you can lay the stone on top of base material or compacted granite. But the seasons will change, temperatures will vary, and  erosion will happen. After a couple of crackless years, your patio will fall apart! Do not fall for that scam.

Stamped concrete is a decorative option for a new patio. The pattern is stamped on the slab as it is poured and it is as strong as the concrete itself.

Cracked Cement Repair – Are you tired of shoving and pushing windows and doors to close or open them? Do you have cracks in your ceiling? It is time to call our experts and figure out how to level your home. Our company will inspect your cracked concrete and understand the root causes. Usually it is due to the soil settling. Sometimes it is excessive moisture.

Then we prepare the crack for repair. We clear all the loose material and slightly widen the cracked area, undercutting the cracked edges. We then repair the cracks using the appropriate product. Thinner cracks can receive patching compounds or a cement mixture. Larger ones need silicone, polyurethane, or latex concrete caulk. Sometimes we will use hydraulic cement.

Last, we apply waterproof sealant to the foundation walls. This helps prevent water infiltration in the future.

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