Concrete Additions in Winter Park

Installing concrete additions in Winter Park, Florida

One of the best ways to add functional living space to your home is with a concrete addition.  It provides a designated space for many of the items that are a part of your lifestyle.  This is also a smart option for homeowners who already have cracked driveways or slabs that need repairing.  Add a new concrete space to an existing space while making repairs.

Talk to a concrete contractor about concrete additions such as RV pads, patios, AC pads, and basketball slabs.  Get professional suggestions on how to add a new space without making it stick out like a sore thumb.  After all, you want to add value to your home, not make it look awkward. 

There are many different things that can be done to make a new concrete addition look professionally designed.  Add a few decorative elements to the designs.  For example, who says the color has to be a traditional concrete color? Depending on your taste and the home’s architectural design, play around with colors such as yellow, blue, or even a bright red.  Also, opt for concrete textures such as pebbles, bricks, or seashells.

There are many different types of concrete additions to choose from.  Most of them will depend on the types of things that are already a part of your busy lifestyle.  Think about the wasted areas that could become more functional if you were to add concrete additions such as the following to your home.

Adding a Concrete Patio

Wouldn’t you love a space where you and your family could spend more time out in the great outdoors?  Owning a patio makes this so much easier.  Imagine the family barbecues that you could have in this space.  As it currently stands, your family probably never goes into the back yard, but this would probably change if there was a beautiful patio space in the backyard for them to enjoy. 

Adding a Basketball Slab

Your son is on the basketball team, but does he have a designated space to play and practice his basketball techniques?  Build a basketball slab on the side of your driveway or in your backyard.  Not only will this help him improve his basketball skills, but it may be a way to keep him home more because he won’t have to spend so much time practicing at a friend’s house or at the gym.

Adding an RV Pad

Have you put off buying your dream RV and traveling around the country because you don’t have space to park it.  Chances are, there’s room on your property, but you don’t know how to configure the space for it.  A professional concrete contractor can help you with this.  If you’ve received a lot of complaints from neighbors and city clerks about parking your RV on the streets, then it’s time to build an RV pad on your property. 

If you’d like to get more information on how you can add concrete additions and flatwork such as RV pads, patios, AC pads and basketball slabs to your property, then contact a local concrete specialist in your area for more information. Call 407-530-0055.